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Architecte Rosemary
Click an intent drawings below to view project design with Optimisation of floor plans, Schematic room sub divisions, 3D visualisation  in each picture
Rosemary KO
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Projects presentation
  • Interior Architect Planning Development space design
        These are the amazing interior design of a building that can                become  the inspiration in designing the interior part of a                    building such as House, Office building, Rsidential building.  

  • Furniture Design  
  • Decoration design 
        Restaurants,Bars,shops,swimming-pools, gardens

    Renovation- REDESIGN :

  • Plan Development space Interior Design
  • Materials design
  • Furniture Ideas
  • Color design
    Rosemary Ko can help you to transforming 
    in your small apartment  to get more space of design idea .......

    Our designer can fully in utilize to built-up in the areas .
    ( house, office, apartments, hotels, shops restaurants and bars, )

Hotel Apartment
Click an intent drawings below to view Interior  project design with Optimisation of floor plans, Schematic room sub divisions, 3D visualisation  in each picture
Architecte Rosemary
 Creation of Interior design the project:
 Rosemary KO
Rosemary KO
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Office Center                                 Shops
Interior design
My professional design with many years of experience in providing in designer as a rich and diversified experiment in planner development Space design.

I design with first-rate project managing 
skills and a strong creative flair project an Interior on cutting edge space design and furniture in modern and European design 
for a luxury (Residential, Serviced Apartments, Houses, Hotels, Clubs, Shops, Offices, Restaurants & Bars).

Rosemary Park Architect Building Creation :
is a team of international professional designers from France and England, Hong Kong specializing in Architect and Interior Design along with projects in: residential buildings - modern residential villas - hotel apartments - office buildings -commercial projects.
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Rosemary KO
Rosemary KO
Interior designer

Interior DESIGN
Rebuilding an apartment and house will increase its rental value by approximately high.
We know what is needed to get a high rental return for the clients, we know what tenants are looking for:
-Decoration & Lighting
-color elegant atmosphere
-Design of custom furniture
-we with specialized craftsmen
-Specialists interior design, Feng Shui