Rosemary Park DESIGN- LED solar light Furniture

Here are Rosemary Park's DESIGN LED light & LED furniture, including Solar lamps for both outside and inside.
Just leave it in the sunlight for the day and forget about it. It will store enough electricity to provide you with light for the rest of the day.
The Solar light contains an array of 36' standard size solar cells. 
They are held together by an open spaced frame. The stored energy gets released at night in the 
form of light. Time to forget worrying about your soaring electricity bills. 
The Solar Lamp is not only solar-powered, but it is also provided with an LED bulb, connected to the solar cells. 
This bulb is highly energy-efficient as the solar panels are incorporated into its design.
This creation is designed by Rosemary Park.

 LED bar tables colors: yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, green, white, 
Φ160 * Φ180 * Φ200 * Φ250 * Φ300 * Φ350 * H115cm                               
The solar LED lighting design is very functional enjoyable. Pretty brightly decorated for the development of your external. The integrated battery is recharged through the day for the solar cell in the evening, allowing the light to turn on demand thanks to its low power LED technology.
Finally, the technology to combine very low voltage LED lights with a rechargeable solar-powered NiCad battery system is here LED Solar energy furniture lights is economic without Electricity power, as rechargeable the solar-powered the battery system.

 Out door  LED and indoor LED

 3Dpoisson-café tatble                  
 Φ2200*H400mm , 
 colours: with, yellow, orange , red, blue                                 
  Out door SOLAR & indoor LED coffee tables & chairs,         colours: with, yellow, orange , red, blue,                                                                                                      
 LED  Floor lights      
table candles  lights   
LED Floor lights  
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LED bar table
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